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The House is Lost

By Victor Topaller

Translated from Russian by Boris Rusakov

house lost

Hello reader!

Four years ago, I promised myself not to write another article until the next election. Time has passed, and here I am writing again. Why make the promise, you ask? Because I felt disgusted by the results of the election. It was a shame. Though all was clear, what should I write about? After all, America has elected to presidency an “empty chair”, a cheap populist, a man from nowhere, a “community organizer”, tainted by friendship with terrorists like Bill Ayers and haters of the country like Reverend Wright. A narcissist full of himself, a demagogue, a liar, infected by ideas of socialism and by obsessive passion for Islamists.

In my last publication, nearly four years ago, I wrote:

“I do not like to be a bearer of bad news, but I’m sure it’s a disaster for America and for you personally as an American citizen. The consequences of Obama’s election are calculable with disgusting simplicity. In no time we will see, or rather smell, the stink of socialism that will fill the air. The hardworking will be feeding the losers and free-riders, whose audacity will grow beyond all limits, even though it seems the limits are already been reached. The rampage of crime, the miserable level of medical care, the crackdown on freedom of speech, the deepening of economic crisis – all these “charms” are waiting for us, make no mistake. Though, all of these are just “flowers”, ahead still are the real “sour grapes” in form of jubilating terrorists, criminal illegal immigrants, Islamic fanatics, and the Kremlin-type crooks. We will experience all this filth to its fullest extent. The paranoid desire for “change”, of which the Democrats squeal, is nothing but essentially a subconscious drive to commit suicide. “Change” the hell to what? To the pitfall of socialism? The “change” is a transformation of the once powerful superpower into a torn apart, cowardly country to which domestic and international rabble can do anything they want. Israel already made such a mistake, when it agreed to concessions to bandits, in hope of earning love of the world community. Did it earn the love? Not even one iota, while respect was lost forever … Enviable result, isn’t it? Apparently America envied it. The buffoons of the world proclaiming themselves “intellectuals” and “humanists”, arm in arm with criminals of all kinds have united in their support for the one who will lead America to the “change”. We Russians know about socialism not from lectures of the doped “red” university professors brainwashing our youth into idiots, but from our own experience: “Peace is good! War is bad! Good medical care and high salary to everybody! Long live equality! “These and similarly very attractive slogans in the real socialism turn to be their exact opposite. Today, the celebrations go on in Moscow, Pyongyang, Damascus, Tehran, Havana, and Tripoli. Jubilations go on in Hamas and Hezbollah. And in the streets of American cities, our youth is jumping with joy, and rolling their eyes in delight, Oh, those cute, innocent and not-spoiled-by-intellect faces! You guys are so happy that this “bad, evil, old” America goes into history? You are craving for the promised changes, for the total happiness, kindness, love, justice, free cookies, equality and fraternity? How naive and ignorant you are, guys! And so stupid. In no time you will be fed up with these “changes”, make no mistake about it. Fed up to your throats, I promise. America which has never smelled rotten stench of real socialism simply does not realize what Obama’s “spread the wealth” actually means. Poor things, they really do not even imagine the grave they dug for themselves with their own hands. “

Forgive me reader for this lengthy quote but you have to agree with me that today, after the 2012 elections, it bears no less sense than 4 years ago. Though, there is one key difference. A critical, very critical difference. Namely, back in 2008 there was a hope that all this shame and disgrace will end after four years. And now the hope is gone. It’s not about Romney and, of course, it’s not about Obama either. Eventually he is a Mr. Nobody from Nowhere, an empty chair. It is about the society that has now proven to be truly and terminally sick.

As an exact opposite to Midas, who turned into gold everything he touched, as you may remember, Obama, by his touch turns everything into shit. Both in his domestic and in the foreign policies. He betrayed our allies, but he fawned, humbled and humiliated us before our enemies. By his lies and turpitude he brought upon himself the disgrace of Benghazi. He ruined the economy and the healthcare. He championed loafers and free-riders, while making life unbearable for the hard workers and creators of wealth. The list of his “achievements” goes on and on. And… nevertheless he was re-elected for the second term. Incomprehensible you say? No, it is quite comprehensible. Bill O’Reilly puts it precisely right: the America that was admired, loved and respected does not exist anymore. Kennedy’s words “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” are hopelessly outdated now. In today’s America the dominant part of the population cannot and does not want to give, it only wants to take. They are welfare recipients, loafers, free-riders, bums, “occupiers”, marginalized rabble, Obama’s youth. They are his electorate.

Four years ago, I wrote about crises in society. I mentioned the fact known to every doctor that before healing of any serious illness a crisis must take place. And thus the crisis has its positive aspect as a necessary step towards healing. If we won’t die, we will get better, we will recover. I expressed my confidence that American society will survive this crisis, will recover and get back to its ideals and traditional values. I was wrong. We did not recover. We died.
What’s next you ask? Honestly, nothing good. Obama’s electorate is growing, and the percentage of honest, reasonable, decent people is shrinking. Honor, dignity and patriotism? Do not kid me, it is not funny anymore. Remember four years ago, I recalled Bulgakov:

– Again! – Sadly exclaimed Philip Philipovich – Well, so it has started, the home has gone. We’ll have to leave, but where to, I wonder? I can see exactly what will happen from now on. Initially, there will be community singing every night, then the pipes will freeze in the lavatories, then the central heating boiler will explode and so on and so on. The home is gone.
– Philip Philipovich laments too much – said Zina smiling as she cleared away a pile of plates.
– But how can I help it? – exploded Philip Philipovich – What a great home it was, don’t you know?

The House is lost...

The House is lost…

I also wrote that America is a resilient society with strong democratic institutions and traditions. And even though socialism is terrible rust that quickly erodes any society, I hoped that the pipes would not freeze in the lavatories and the boiler would not explode… Well, they froze! It exploded! “We will have to leave, but where to, I wonder? “.

Is there anything to be comforted with? Oh yeah, here it is! In addition to the presidential elections, there were mid-term elections for the Congress and for the Senate. And for the first time an openly lesbian Senator (certainly Democrat), Tammy Baldwin, was elected. Though, we love her not only for that, but also for her aggressive opposition to the sanctions against Iran. Hurray!

Hence, futile are the screams of Donald Trump: “We can’t let this happen! We should march on Washington and stop this travesty! Let’s fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us! This election is a total sham and travesty. We are not a democracy! Our country now is in serious and unprecedented trouble… like never before.”

Too late, brother Donald, too late. The train has left. The House is Lost.

  1. March 13, 2013 at 6:00 am

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    The idiot like Donald Trump will never understand what I am talking about but I hope you can.

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    public water is highly oxidized with chlorine and drinking chlorinated water has severe health consequences including Cancer, Diabetes and Hypertension. Eliminating chlorine is beneficial for the human health. At a present time there are 20 million people in US with diabetes. The change will have a long lasting effect and it will cut expenses on the health care system. The HEALTH REFORM CANNOT BE EFFECTIVE UNTIL WE IMPROVE THE GENERAL HEALTH OF SOCIETY.
    I am positive that many modern diseases are related to the quality of drinking water. Chlorinated water effects negatively human immunological system. It is also possible that AIDS epidemic disaster can be eliminated in the near future. It is possible that activated hydrogen can stop AIDS virus from multiplying. Major New York Downtown Hospital got very enthusiastic about the idea of treating people infected with AIDS virus with activated hydrogen water and Research is not limited to AIDS. It will include chemical intoxication, diabetes and other diseases depending on the budget and help from other organizations.
    It is important to know that people drinking water without chlorine will have more energy, be more productive at work and sleep less with good effect to American economy. The life expectancy will increase.
    The new system will decrease the cost of the water purification and it will have a direct effect on the environmental protection as a whole.
    Chlorine in the water is the major contributor to Global Warming. Montreal Protocol banned R-12 from use in air conditioning systems but chorine gas and other oxidizers evaporating from purification plants, pools, and cooling towers destroy ozone layer with great effect every day. A new international conference regarding chlorine and global warming has to be organized.

    Among the positive aspects of new technology is the higher life expectancy of the city bridges and water transportation systems such as pipes since the deoxidized water will act as an antirust force.

    The deoxidized water can reduce pollution by processing the waste gas from the industries. It will neutralize dioxin in the ground from the city garbage ashes. Right now dioxin in the ashes burned in the ground is active and the ground cannot be used for many years.
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    I am ready to present materials regarding the project BLUE PLANET to the people interested to insure the leading role of United States of America in the modern world.


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